Project 1- Game 2048: Week_1

Being a Computer Science student you are expected to know everything about computers, softwares, applications and all that is tech related, but really it all comes with the process and experience. So this blog, which is the first in a series of more that are upcoming is for going through that process of learning.

Learning to Create is what my course of Computational Thinking is teaching with its Game Development Projects. So I thought to try and attempt to make 2048 Game using Python language.

Its day one and I am clueless on how to start my project. I know one should always make a strategy for the startup but for that, one should be familiar with his(her) options, right?

After doing some research(which is actually just playing the game), I have acknowledged myself with the game’s rule. Since I am only familiar with pyglet GUI libraries therefore I am considering of using this interface for my game version but will explore more options.

I believe that the way is tough but lets hope we can make it through.




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